Encouragement for the '20s and Beyond

Upon moving to L.A. to pursue a career in music, I received criticism from most. Attempts at dissuasion included emails containing articles explaining why I should shun the industry, and direct remarks that the move was a, "waste of time." I can recall when a former hired gun quit, then subsequently asked if I would join his new band as an unpaid session player.

My refusal led to an interesting question: "Haven't you ever just wanted to be a part of a band?" But, of course, I had never simply desired to be in the background of anything, so my response was that there was nothing that would ever convince me to believe in my own artistic and business decisions any less than one-hundred percent.

Focusing on the ultimate goal of recording as many albums as I could in order to continually improve my technical skills allowed me the freedom to block out such destructive and pointless chatter. I would rather shun all forms of peer pressure than turn away from the expertise I have acquired, throughout time. The world I have shaped for myself works for me, and I would never expect anyone to forcibly conform to it.

Remaining liberated from outside influence - most of which is negative - is not a consequence of either isolation or withdrawal, although it requires a period of self-reflection. You are as great as you want to be, irregardless of what has been said about you or what you have been told, because the most important relationship you can ever build is with yourself.