All Want Respect, But Few Truly Deserve It

The most frustrating conversation I have ever engaged in was with a promoter who, during a discussion about bookings, began (for whatever reason) trying to justify the fact that he was also a guitar player, while attempting to goad me into acknowledging it. "Well, I play too!" were his words, but frankly, after mulling it over, I concluded that no one deserves any more or less respect for their profession or supposed achievements than anyone else.

I had dealt with egocentric musicians for years, but this particular exchange truly unleashed the full spectrum of my disdain for this specific personality trait - mostly because of the self-importance he had placed upon himself for simply doing something tens of millions of others had done. As someone who has been playing instruments and recording since the age of eight, I personally am aware of my own talents in a wide variety of musical areas. However, I would prefer for people to respect me as a person who has taken the time to develop their character and integrity, rather than just someone who can play an E chord - even if I can play it well.

I have experienced the sphere of robotically negative creative types and people, in general, and it became apparent, from such associations, that in order to fully develop and elevate yourself above the fray, being in these surroundings only invites unnecessary obstruction. The reason for this is simple: all want respect, but few truly deserve it.