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Because the Internet is cluttered with kitty litter, this article lists and describes the various links where you can find the information most relevant to an online search for Marcus Singletary.

Marcus Singletary's Official Website, where you can read updates and press, and learn more about the music. The site covers all of Singletary's various projects, from his eclectic album releases and radio programs to his experimental short films.

Redirect of the official Marcus Singletary biography, located on Wikipedia at:

Marcus Singletary on Wikipedia. Read about Singletary's background, and follow the story as it develops.

Marcus Singletary on Soundcloud. Hear various podcast episodes, and check out Marcus Singletary's Guitar Lessons in audio form.


Watch Marcus Singletary videos, follow, and be a part of the Singletary family.

Marcus Singletary on Daily Motion. Watch Marcus Singletary's directorial debut, The Sebhedris Experience - an experimental short film combining kaleidoscopic video images with ambient music.

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