Sleepless Nights and Long-Term Motivation

As much as I enjoy the company of women, sex was not the reason I became interested in playing music. Music lasts forever, whereas sex and relationships generally do not. In fact, I've always disputed the supposed "carnality" of music, as I cannot say I've ever reached an orgasmic state by simply listening to a song, or watching a live performance.

Most of my musical joys have occurred above the belt, as I would equate great musical experiences with the inducement of meditation and psychological levitation more than anything physically oriented - hence the notion that an audience can "see through" a performer's intent.

The concept of "work" is often viewed as a laboriously negative process left unseen and under-appreciated. The general inclination is to only exert so much energy, but what has kept me going since the beginning, however, is the pursuit of excellence through full dedication to attempts at musical innovation.

This is the entire mode of practice for actors, who must assume the role of magician to convince an audience into belief. Give credit to those effective, here, as they are able to profit. But, of course, true creativity is a struggle to expand ideas, and not just a journey toward revenue generation (yet another physical pleasure.)

Surviving in music is tough. The difficulty of the individual tasks, alone, has led to many sleepless nights and even non-stop work periods that have lasted over 50 hours at a time. This is why, in order to accomplish the creative goals many have set out to achieve for themselves, extreme personal loyalty is essential.